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Scott Corporation Mitigates Hazardous Goods Transportation Risks  with ComOps WHS

20 Branches

ComOps, a leading Australasian provider of business software products and services, has announced that Scott Corporation, one of Australia’s leading specialist transporters of bulk solids and hazardous materials, is to deploy the ComOps risk management and safety compliance software.

Scott Corporation is a national carrier specialising in the transport of bulk solids and liquids by road, rail and sea. It is renowned for its expertise and for its safety record in the highly-regulated transportation of hazardous materials such as acids, liquids, chemicals, gas, cement and liquid food supplies. Because of the nature of the materials it carries, Scott  Corporation maintains meticulous safety, health and  environment records and must be prepared to provide auditable reports to clients at any time. Scott Corporation will use the ComOps software to unify and enhance its management of safety, health and environment related data throughout the company’s 15 Australian offices and two operating divisions. The centralised system will integrate numerous existing in-house developed databases and is expected to help the company mitigate risk and more readily comply with health and safety-related requirements.

“With ComOps we are centralising and automating much of our incident reporting, occupational health and safety reporting to assist us in reducing risks and managing incidents. We expect this to increase safety visibility and accountability, and to improve our opportunities for preventative action,” explains Ross Pavey, Information Systems Manager, Scott Corporation.

Built-in workflows will support Scott Corporation staff and management from initial incident notification through to remedial action, escalation if required and resolution. The software will track all activity to ensure responsibilities are met.

The solution will also be used to monitor and manage staff, contractor and equipment certification records. Pavey says, “We need to know which trucks are certified to handle certain hazardous cargoes and which drivers have the right certifications to match.”

The company selected ComOps because of the breadth and ease-of-use of the software, the quality of reference sites and ComOps’ proven structured implementation methodologies.