Workforce Management

Scheduling & Rostering
ComOps WFM

Smart and dynamic scheduling for optimal staffing while minimising cost.

ComOps Workforce Management takes the guesswork out of estimating labor costs at the time of scheduling by costing each assigned shift in accordance with the applicable payment conditions.

You can then assess the scheduled cost against the budget allocation on a single screen with the ComOps software showing real-time cost comparisons whenever a shift is modified.

Time & Attendance
ComOps WFM

ComOps’ Time & Attendance solution enables organisations to increase operating efficiencies, meet budget requirements and address changing needs and regulations.

No matter the size of your organisation, better management of employee-related schedules and associated costs is often the single most effective way to improve productivity and the bottom line. 

Time Collection
ComOps WFM
Remove data entry and reduce payroll errors. ComOps Time Collection puts an end to the cumbersome task of manually collecting and entering employee timesheet information by automatically capturing and interpreting each employee’s working hours in real-time from a variety of devices.

Award Interpretation
ComOps WFM
Automatic award interpretation in staff schedules and timesheets.

Every organisation needs to adhere consistently to governing work rules.

Breaching these agreements can have major repercussions for your business.

Payroll Integration
ComOps WFM

Reduce payroll preparation.

The tight integration between ComOps Time & Attendance and ComOps Work Rule Interpreter minimises human error by ensuring your employee clockings are correctly interrogated and the correct interpretation of work rules is applied, in real time, to the collected time sheets for direct posting into the payroll system.

Employee Self Service
ComOps WFM

Improve employees’ productivity and engagement anywhere anytime. ComOps Employee Self Service is mobile ready and can improve your employee’s productivity and yours by providing easy, secure access to key information.

Centralised Administration & Reporting
ComOps WFM

Whether dozens of staff in one location or thousands across multiple: our solution provides you with the centralised administrative capability you need to run your business more efficiently.

Workplace Health & Safety
ComOps WFM

ComOps’ Work Health & Safety (WHS) provides an auditable account, documenting the procedures used and the results of the identification, notification, analysis and mitigation process.

ComOps WHS lowers the overall risk and can reduce costs, claims, premiums, and potential fines.